5 Ideas for gluten free breakfast

5 Ideas for gluten free breakfast

For those with gluten intolerance, breakfast without cereal, crackers and sandwiches is a real challenge. But there are healthy alternatives and just as tasty. Here we have ideas for you, so that you can enjoy a gluten free breakfast.

At the first meal of the day you need energy, which seems impossible to obtain otherwise than from carbohydrates. Of course you can call the special gluten-free mixes for pancakes or fried gluten-free bread, but there are more interesting than these tables. Here’s how you can enjoy a gluten free breakfast every day of the week.

Quiche without the crust.

You know you have to get rid gluten which is located in the dough on a tasty quiche. And if you do not beat your head or the buckwheat flour brown rice flour to replace the classic recipe, you can quit all the dough. The simplest method is to mix cooked quinoa, spinach and grated zucchini, feta and egg to pour mixture into a muffin tray and put in the oven for 15 minutes.


It is an option for a hot breakfast and nourishing to rely on that morning. No need to stick to the classic polenta with cheese. You can try new recipes polenta with pesto, spinach or mushrooms.

5 Ideas for gluten free breakfast-avocado ans egg
5 Ideas for gluten free breakfast-avocado ans egg

Avocado and Egg.

Because eggs are hard baked potato prepared the first time, we propose a more rapid. Cut an avocado in half and an egg bake it in the oven it. You get vitamins and healthy fats bundled with egg proteins.

Eggs Benedict without the bun.

Luscious egg, a slice of ham, a little spinach, a slice of tomato sauce Hollandaise. The basic ingredients for breakfast style. In the classic recipe for eggs Benedict Puflea replaces bun with a big mushroom, baked.


It’s much tastier than a simple omelet and allows you to try a lot of combinations of vegetables and cheese.

Enjoy your gluten free breakfast every day!

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