Gluten Free Meal Plan – 7 Days

7-Day Gluten Free Meal Plan

There are quite a number of people that are restricted from eating foods that contain gluten.  These people are those that suffer from Celiac disease.  This disease cannot be treated with medicines, but by undergoing a gluten-free diet. It is important for persons with Celiac to oblige themselves to this special type of diet to help them avoid certain health problems. To help you maintain your diet here is a 7-Day Gluten Free Meal Plan .

There are also some people that are not gluten-intolerant but want to eradicate gluten from their diet.  According to them, they feel much energized and less bloated when under this type of diet.  However, gluten-free foods are not always equated with healthy foods because there are some that are low on nutrients while others are processed.  Also, a gluten-free diet may lead to zinc, iron and vitamin D deficiency.

For those who have Celiac and are required to go on a gluten-free diet, here are some suggestions for you.  This can help you plan out your daily meals for the entire week.

Day 1 on Gluten Free Meal Plan

Breakfast – Cornflakes plus milk and two tablespoon of yogurt and fresh berries.

Lunch – Rice with corn wrapped with chicken, and lettuce and avocado on the side.

Dinner – Buckwheat or Quinoa pasta with feta and veggies.

Snacks – Fresh berries.

Drinks – Coconut juice, banana and mint smoothie.

Day 2 on Gluten Free Meal Plan

Breakfast – Mushroom and spinach omelette.

Lunch – Miso soup, edamame beans and sashimi.

Dinner – Cannellini bean and chicken casserole with quinoa.

Snacks – Muffin (make sure that all your ingredients are gluten-free).

Drinks – Carrot juice, ginger juice or beetroot.

Day 3 on Gluten Free Meal Plan

Breakfast – Baked beans and toast (avoid wheat breads).

Lunch – Rice paper rolls filled with vermicelli noodles, cucumber, lettuce, carrots and tuna.

Dinner – Grilled meat with steamed veggies.

Snacks – Pumpkin seeds (toasted) and a dried fig.

Drinks – Dandelion tea.

Day 4 on Gluten Free Meal Plan

Breakfast – Buckwheat pancakes with fresh berries and syrup.

Lunch – Fresh salad containing roasted beetroot, parsley, brown lentils and goat’s cheese.

Dinner – Risotto with chicken, mushroom, spinach and nuts.

Snacks – A piece of boiled egg plus mandarin.

Drinks – Almond milk with cinnamon. 

Day 5 on Gluten Free Meal Plan

Breakfast – Muesli (gluten-free) with oat milk.

Lunch – Noodle soup with veggies and beef.

Dinner – Sausages (gluten-free) plus baked broccoli, zucchini and sweet potato.

Snacks – Popcorn and nuts.

Drinks – Fresh pineapple, apple and mint smoothie.

Day 6 on Gluten Free Meal Plan

Breakfast – Amaranth or quinoa porridge and stewed fruit.

Lunch – Red salmon salad with fresh veggies and fruits like avocado, cucumber, lettuce, carrots, snow peas, beetroot.  Add olive oil and lemon dressing.

Dinner – Grilled beef with sautéed squash, broccoli and snow peas.

Snacks – Tamari almonds and apple.

Drinks – Chai tea (do not use powdered).

Day 7 on Gluten Free Meal Plan

Breakfast – Scrambles egg plus mushrooms, fresh herbs and avocado.

Lunch – Roasted turkey with sautéed spinach.

Dinner – Grilled fish with fennel, ruby grapefruit and rocket salad.

Snacks – Veggie sticks with hommus. Take note that there are some brands of hommus that contain gluten, so make sure that you pick out the one with a gluten-free label.

Drinks – Carrot, celery and cucumber smoothie.

You can also create your own gluten-free diet plan.  It’s not that hard to create one as long you know which foods are gluten-free and those that are not.

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