Gluten Free Food list

Gluten Free Food list

Having a gluten-free diet to prevent Celiac disease from aggravating is a lot harder than having a slimming diet.  Coming up with a diet plan is a daily challenge for people suffering from Celiac disease since they really need to scrutinize all foods before feeding them into their mouth. Foods that usually contain gluten include barley, kamut, rye and almost all oats.  They should be strictly avoided. Here is a gluten free food list to help you stay on your diet.

Some of you might think that most foods are made from rye, wheat and barley, but there actually are other alternatives that are gluten free, which includes corn, flours from beans, brown rice and nuts, potato, buckwheat, amaranth, arrowroot, millet flour, tapioca and wild rice.

What are the gluten free food list that are basically found in most kitchens?  Check them out below.

  • Butter, milk, buttermilk – they are gluten-free except when there are additives added in it.  There are certain brands or manufacturers that put ingredients that has gluten in their products.
  • Cheeses – again, if no preservatives are added, it is gluten-free.  Use organic raw cheese just to be safe.  You can also look for the ‘gluten-free’ label when buying cheeses.
  • Eggs or egg substitutes – also look for the ‘gluten-free’ label.
  • Half and half – gluten-free, unless it contains additives.
  • Hummus – it is naturally a gluten-free product.  There are a few brands that you might want to check out like Pride and Trader’s Joe Hummus.
  • Spreads and margarine – go for brands that have the ‘gluten-free’ label.
  • Milk chocolate – make it a habit to check every ingredient of milk chocolates because others contain gluten.
  • Sour cream – most sour creams are gluten-free, but you still need to be cautious because some brands have additives.
  • Soy milk – it is, more often than not, gluten-free.
  • Yogurt – most yogurts are free of gluten, but there are those that have wheat content.
  • Carbonated drinks – this includes beer and sodas.  There are quite a few gluten-free brands.
  • Coffee – if you can’t find carbonated drinks that has no gluten, better settle for coffee because it is gluten-free.
  • Chocolate drinks – go for brands that are gluten-free.
  • Apple cider– this does not contain any traces of gluten.
  • Energy or sport drinks – make sure that you drink those that are free of additives.
  • Flavored water – most water products are gluten-free except those that have wheat content.
  • Juices and tea mixes – most brands of juices barely have gluten, but it’s still safer to read the ingredients or labels.
  • Shakes and smoothies – if you want to make sure that they are gluten-free, simply make them at home using fresh ingredients.
  • Protein shakes or powders – take time to check if they have ‘gluten-free’ labelled on it.
  • Ready-to-bake mixes – some mixes may contain ingredients with gluten, and that’s what you should always check.
  • Baking powder and soda – these ingredients for baking are, most of the time, gluten-free, but still, you have to read labels.
  • Coconut – there’s no doubt that this is free from gluten.

The gluten free food list goes on, but the most important thing to keep in mind is to read labels.

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