Can you lose weight with gluten free diet?

lose weight

Maybe gluten free diet to help you lose weight?

In general dismay, that more people want to lose weight, some public figures (Ex. Oprah, Gwyneth Paltrow and Miley Cyrus) claimed at one point that they lost weight by adopting gluten free diet. Completely false statement.
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics from the USA, referring to this subject, says that the answer to the question is a firm  NO.
There is no proven benefit of a gluten free diet than to treat celiac disease, Gluten Sensitivity and their complications. Actually, there were no studies prove that gluten free diet can help weight loss.
It has been speculated desire for people to lose weight, putting on account gluten-free diet, which is quite beneficial for manufacturers of gluten-free products.
It is equally true that some people who willingly turn to gluten-free diet, can weaken due to the decrease of food consumed by restricting product mix due to the difficulty, bigger or not to purchase them and why not, due to the difference price.
Several medical studies show that there may be situations in which patients are overweight at diagnosis and by switching to gluten-free diet can lose weight.
Incidentally excess weight is connected directly and cardiovascular diseases and cardiologist William Devis, based on experience and research conducted, states that people who eat wheat products tend to eat more, accumulating a surplus of calories consumed, finally translated by the extra kilos.
On the subject, author Jane Andersen study lists a few examples that come to demonstrate, once again, if there is a link between gluten-free diet and weight loss in:
It examined a sample of 191 people of which 32% were subpoderale 38% 14% normal weight and obese at diagnosis with celiac disease. Following gluten-free diet applied, 91 people took weight, which represents about 47% of examinees, in fact perfectly understandable and medically (were corrected deficiencies caused by disease and improved transfer of nutrients). The fact is that significant weight loss in obese patients was only with celiac disease.
Another study on 369 people diagnosed concluded that in general, following the imposition gluten-free diet, weight people tend to normalize. Obese people will lose weight, while underweight will gain weight.
The third study assesses the level of calories a person with celiac disease which comply strictly with the same regime and another condition which consumes gluten. The conclusion was that in the second case the number of calories consumed on average per day is higher by about 400.
The question lies is gluten-free diet helps you lose weight unless you have celiac disease?
Although studies show that, cardiologist W. Davis confirmed that elimination or restriction of diet products based on cereals, namely the gluten contributes to weight loss by reducing carbohydrates, mostly in their composition.
It is well known that wheat derivatives are ubiquitous in the daily diet in various forms. Pefect combination for weight loss, celiac or not, low-carb diet, fiber intake and exercise.
It is clear that significant weight loss only when no substitute foods with gluten, gluten-free with similar ones, which tend to be high in calories by higher carbohydrate content.
Here’s what’s definitely known:
– If you have celiac disease and are suprapanderal or obese, you will probably lose weight;
– Unless you have celiac disease is likely to lose weight, although there is no study in this regard;
– Whether or not you have celiac disease, you probably will not lose weight if you replace wheat flour products with similar ones without gluten because they have either the same or higher calorie intake.

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