Food and Drink Paradise – Sugar Free Desserts Challenge!

Food and Drink Paradise - Sugar Free Desserts Challenge!

Are you looking for a new challenge? How about creating some easy and delicious dessert recipes for the special diet people? Some sugar free recipes ideas will be great. A project was given to a group of new students in an cooking class. Vanessa is the organiser for this project. She told the class to sit down and start a brainstorm exercise over this topic.

After an hour, came a young lady with some wonderful sugar free dessert recipes.

“Class, stay quiet!” Vanessa said to the class. “Shall we see what she has created for us?”

Boiled Custard


250g dates
500 ml milk
1/8 teaspoon salt
a. Cut the dates into small pieces.
b. Add milk and salt.
c. Cook it in a double boiler for about 1 hour, till thick.

Coconut Pudding

200g desiccated coconut
250g dates
1 egg (well beaten)
500 ml milk
a. Stone dates and fill a shallow pudding dish with alternate layer of coconut and dates.
b. Add egg and milk and pour this over the coconut and dates mixture.
c. Bake in 180°C oven for a nice brown.

Date Cream

500g whipped cream
250 ml milk
1 tablespoon gelatine
200g ground dates
a. Soak gelatine in half of the milk.
b. Whip cream stiff.
c. Boil remaining milk and add gelatine.
d. Let cool, then beat till it begins to thicken.
e. Stir in whipped cream and mix well.
f. Pour into a mould and serve with whipped cream heaped around.

Thank you class! Should we have more sugar free dessert recipes challenge in our coming lesson?

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