Wheat Free Life – why give up on bread

Wheat Free Life

Most often, what we call white bread or white flour is not, in fact, other than pure starch with a very low nutritional value. In such circumstances it is better to consume wholemeal bread or graham bread. Here are some reasons why you should give up eating white bread and enjoy a Wheat Free Life.

Why a Wheat Free Life ? – Bread doesn’t contain nutrients.

Modern milling impoverishes this type of bread, it produces flour only by removing the two essential components of wheat grain (germ and cortex). By removing these two parts of the grain are deleted, in fact, in one motion, just enzymes, vitamins and minerals, including iron, cobalt, copper, zinc, manganese and molybdenum. Some of them are only grains.

Why choose Wheat Free Life – contain too much salt.

Most types of bread – and especially the process that you buy at the supermarket – contain a lot of salt. Of course, consumed in moderation, white bread is not harmful to health.

Why give up on bread – fattening.
White bread containing hydrogenated vegetable oil produced by the conversion of liquid fat, i.e. oil, solid fat, by the use of chemicals at very high temperatures. They are fluffier bread, impede mold, so the bread last longer.

These are very dangerous because they increase bad cholesterol, causes diabetes and obesity.

Sugar helps bread to rise and gives a nice mellow flavor. The yeast feeds on sugar, bread that looks so fluffy and good. It is still a problem for sugar is guilty of the emergence of many serious diseases, including cancer and diabetes. The label may also appear as dextrose sugar or glucose.

Why give up on bread – contain zero fiber.
Another drawback of this type of bread is the small number of dietary fiber and vitamins. Therefore, the occurrence of most cancers of the colon is related to the consumption of large quantities of white bread. Instead, the only type calcium enriched, an essential mineral the body, and therefore, it is appropriate in particular children and the elderly.

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