Gluten Free at Restaurants is Not Always Easy

Gluten Free at Restaurants is Not Always Easy

There is one key reason as to why eating gluten free at restaurants is not always easy. In this to context, the term ‘gluten free’ is a reference to meals that don’t contain the protein known as gluten. This is a protein which, in its pure form, is found in products from the wheat family. Those include food products from wheat itself, as well as barley and rye. The gluten in question is, among other things, responsible for the stickiness and elasticity associated with wheat products such as breads. Now there are some people – actually many people – in whom gluten induces adverse reactions. Those are the people who are inclined to opt for gluten free meals at restaurants. And as we have already noted, it is not always easy for such people to get the gluten free meals they desire in restaurants.

The key reason as to why eating gluten free at restaurants is not always easy is in the fact that most restaurants don’t serve (truly) gluten free meals. Few of us appreciate just how staple (as a food) wheat has become, especially in the western world. In a typical restaurant meal plan, only the soup/appetizer part tends to be gluten-free. But even that is not always in all cases, especially keeping in mind the fact that many chefs are inclined to use wheat and similar products to ‘thicken’ their soups. So you end up with a situation where everything, right from the appetizer, to the main meal, and onto to the desert, has some gluten in it.

The reason as to why many restaurant s don’t serve truly gluten free meals is, in turn, on account of the fact that not many people are on gluten free diets. So the folks who manage typical restaurants tend to have some reservations about preparing gluten free meals, only to end up having to throw them away, when they don’t get customers to consume them. This unavailability of the meals in question means that things remain difficult for folks who have aspirations for eating gluten free at restaurants.

We do have to mention that the number of people showing interest ingluten free dietshas been going up in the recent years. This trend is attributable to the growing awareness about the benefits of gluten free diets. There is growing consensus that all people can potentially benefit from gluten free diets: not just folks who struggle with gluten intolerance issues.

It is to be expected that as the number of people showing interest in eating gluten free at restaurants grows, we are likely to see more and more restaurants serving (truly) gluten free meals. Restaurants, like all other businesses, are inclined to respond to market demand. And if the market demand for gluten free meals continues going up, a point will be reached where all restaurants will be expected to serve at least some gluten free meals. Perhaps a point will come where we will even be having restaurants serving exclusively gluten free meals. But for the time being, things are really tough for individuals who are keen on eating gluten free meals within the restaurant setups we currently have.

We have a list of restaurants that serve gluten free meals.

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