Gluten Free Foods Market

Gluten Free Foods Market

Gluten Free Foods Market is getting bigger and bigger. Gluten-free bread, pasta, vegan cakes and other healthy products are selling better, say the company Kantar Worldpanel. They concluded that in the US now there is a real boom in products labeled “gluten-free”. Previously, these products were in a supermarket somewhere in the back of the shelf, next to the green lentils for sprouting – and now Gluten Free Foods Market has become a big business in the past year of such products in the US!

Partly this trend is the fact that society has become more aware of food allergies, especially to gluten. People with food allergies – that is about half of the total population! The most common allergy to gluten, wheat, lactose (milk and milk products).

Soybean oil to the fire pour some celebrity who openly declare their choice of “lifestyle” gluten-free and wheat, and therefore that they buy special products “without content …” Among them – the stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham . Such statements are converted unsightly image of a person with a food allergy in the image of man who cares about his health – and possibly the state of the planet – and so choose “products without …”.

Such guesses are confirmed statistically. Indeed, the products “does not contain …” bought not only by allergic people and not just diabetics. Products sugar-free, milk-free, gluten-free buy a lot of people who just care about their health, including a significant number of vegans and vegetarians.

Even such food giants as Heinz, make visible steps towards Gluten Free Foods Market by creation products without gluten and lactose. Heinz recently released a special sauce for pasta, gluten-free. Next in line, and other products.

Berideyl Michelle Johnson, the organizer of the special award “does not contain …”, believes that such products have in fact become mainstream. “Most people who buy these products, believe that they have this or that food allergies – she says – but many people choose them because they believe that these products are healthier and may also cause less harm to the environment” . Michel notes that although the major brands pay attention to “products without …”, yet this market is 50% remains the preserve of small companies (employing 1-2 persons), and often companies that produce products for local supermarkets.

Bob Trice, managing director of «DS-gluten-free» a big company in Gluten Free Foods Market already offers its customers 14 different products without gluten. He shared his experience: “The hardest thing – is to keep purged gluten-free, and in particular bread, fresh. Some companies add to their gluten-free bread preservatives to keep it fresh a week or more. We solved the problem by using an innovative, ultra-modern packaging that avoids any chemistry. ”

Bob believes that although today among the products “does not contain …” clearly leading gluten-free products, on the way products are lactose-free – and it will be good business for years to come. “Demand for these products is, – says Bob. – The question suppliers! Only because of the lack of such goods I can not put in his shop the whole section of the goods “Lactose free”. I think that this can be done in the near future. ”

Of course, it can not but rejoice that more and more people prefer healthy and ethical products that are safe for humans and do not involve the brutal exploitation of animals!

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    the food companies are continuing to develop new new products and its demand for this specialized population.

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