Gluten Free Lipstick

Gluten Free Lipstick

Choosing Gluten Free Lipstick

If you have a gluten intolerance or sensitivity and wear lipstick have you considered Gluten Free Lipstick? If you’re like most women who wear lipstick on a daily basis, then you’re quite familiar with lipstick’s ubiquitous nature.

It has the mysterious tendency to get everywhere, even if your lips haven’t touched that particular spot. You could probably find your lipstick present on your clothes, on dishes, on walls, on other people, and one place where lipstick can often be found is on your teeth. Getting lipstick on your teeth is just one step closer to getting it in your stomach. That’s why there’s gluten free lipstick for the gluten intolerant wearer.

Gluten free lipstick is just another element of a gluten free lifestyle that will prevent an individual from experiencing discomfort and health complications due to the incidental ingestions of such product.

It’s not hard to see how easily lipstick can make its way to someone’s digestive system, especially since it’s so close to the point of entry. With people constantly eating, drinking, kissing and occasionally licking their lips; consuming lipstick is inevitable.

Where Can You Find Gluten Free Lipstick?

Fortunately for lipstick wearers, there are many lipstick brands that produce gluten free lipstick; many of which are big name brands such as Clinique, Maybelline, and Avon.

You can find many of these brands, as well as others at your local beauty supply shop, department store or even supermarket. There are also a wide variety of cosmetic retailers online that sell predominantly gluten free cosmetics; amongst which would be lipstick.

Gluten Free Lipstick come in a variety of colors, so your choices are never limited. Looking good doesn’t mean you have to compromise your health.

Gluten free lipstick allows you to show off your luscious lips without having to suffer after affects. After all, you’ve already paid the (sometimes high) price for the lipstick.

In addition to the three brands mentioned earlier, there are many other well known cosmetic brands that produce gluten free lipstick as well as other types of cosmetics.

The following are lipstick brands that claim to be gluten free:

  • Afterglow Cosmetics;
  • Lavera Cosmetics;
  • Bare Minerals;
  • Revlon;
  • Ecco Bella;
  • Nars Cosmetic.

Gluten free may or may not apply to all of these individual brand’s cosmetic products, so it’s best to make sure by reading the labels or contacting the companies directly. They will be able to better guarantee its gluten free properties.

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