Gluten-Free Meals for Children

Gluten-Free Meals for Children

A gluten-free diet is meant for those diagnosed with a disease known as celiac. This is not easy especially if we’re talking about children as they need special attention and utmost care when it comes to the food they eat and even with the things they use. They are not supposed to eat foods containing gluten. Otherwise, their health condition will suffer. However, this has a good benefit for kids because eating junks foods and other unhealthy foods will have to be dodged.

The role of parents in a situation such as this is that they need to prepare daily meals for their kids that are gluten-free. If you have a child with celiac, and you don’t know where to start, here are a number of tips for you.

  1. Children need to know their condition. Your kids need to have a better understanding of what celiac disease is, what foods are prohibited, and how it must be dealt with. Let them see the picture clearly so their mind won’t entertain any thought that you are depriving them.
  2. Create a gluten-free meal plan with your kids. It would be nice if you involve your kids in making a meal plan for them. Get a notebook and let them write down the foods that they love to eat. From this, you can start forming recipes or menus with the use gluten-free products and ingredients.
  3. Look for alternatives. Although some recipes usually require glutinous ingredients, you can actually still be able to cook a tasty meal using non-glutinous alternative ingredients. There are already various products in the market that are labelled gluten-free and these are what you should be looking for. This really needs time, effort and patience.
  4. Be creative. Generally, kids enjoy eating pasta, pizza, muffins and cheese as these foods are really enticing. These foods can, likewise, still be enjoyed by kids who have celiac as long as the ingredients are gluten-free. In creating gluten-free meals, your inventiveness will be put to the test. You’ll soon realize that foods can still be yummy even if glutinous products are absent. You’ll also be surprised how vast the brands that already hold gluten-free products.
  5. Make them feel they’re not different from other children. It is the nature of children to crave for foods that other children are also craving for. For example, if you’re setting up a pizza party, why not make a pizza that’s gluten-free, too. Or, if you will be baking a birthday cake, you might want to use gluten-free ingredients.
  6. Schedule a grocery day with your kids. In order for your kids to get used to their situation, it is also nice to bring them with you in the grocery store. Show them how to pick out products that are gluten-free. Make them familiar with the ingredients that are safe and unsafe for them. This will serve as their training ground.

You see, kids need not be deprived of good foods even though they have celiac. There are other great alternatives that you may use in order for them to have satisfying meals. The most important thing you should remember is to always make them part of the gluten-free meal planning.

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