Gluten Free vegetarian Diet

Gluten Free vegetarian Diet. Preparing menu during the holidays can give headaches if at the same table will sit a vegetarian, a person who prefers avoiding gluten and other food raw. Whether based on medical reasons, ethical or arose as a reaction to food scandals, these trends “no” (meat, gluten, lactose, sugar, salt, fat, etc.) and “bio” make their way increasingly more Western dishes AFP.

Beyond the Atlantic, this situation was already described in 2010 by a drawing of the “New Yorker”, entitled “The Last Thanksgiving” (Last Thanksgiving) without the traditional turkey meal, diners surrounded with so many options scheme.

These regimes respond in part to health problems. The number of victims of food allergy has doubled in the past decade in Europe, exceeding 17 million people, according to latest data of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI).

Beyond the circle of those who can not tolerate gluten, many people avoid this mixture of proteins present in cereals like wheat and give assurances that get a good feeling and energy through this scheme popularized by stars like tennis player Novak Djokovic.

Given the fear of “junk food”, pesticides, GMOs … “bio” is more than ever the wind from astern. Large retailers have adopted, opening even special shops.
Gluten Free vegetarian Diet is praised by Gwyneth Paltrow or Stella McCartney, got rid of his austere image. “Veggie burgers” were especially successful in New York, where such a vegetarian steak has just been named “the best burger in the world” by GQ magazine.

Chef Alain Ducasse proposes more than a year at the Plaza Athénée menu based on “fish-vegetable-grain”.

Besides vegetarians and meat eaters appeared casual relying on quality rather than quantity.

Following the trend “green” and “healthy”, a myriad of restaurants and bars that serve vegetarian juices “Detox” have sprung up in San Francisco and London, via Sydney.

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