Gluten Free diet : What Does this Mean?

Gluten Free: What Does this Mean?

Gluten free diet must be followed by those suffering from celiac disease or are intolerant to gluten (the protein in grains like wheat, rye, barley), and the consumption is particularly affected by the small intestine.
According to studies, only 1% of world population suffers from this condition that is manifested by: intestinal disorders, anemia, chronic fatigue, malabsorption of essential nutrients, dermatitis, etc. The diagnosis is made only after thorough analysis, where it is suspected that suffer from this disease.

Gluten free diet should be followed only by those who have celiac disease and implies the exclusion of all food products from wheat, rye or barley. It is also very important to read the ingredients of each product, even if it is cereal, because many may contain gluten, including certain meat products and beer. Instead, orient yourself to flours and cereals such as corn gluten, buckwheat, amaranth, quinoa, rice or millet. Eat more fruits, fish, dairy, nuts / seeds, meat and vegetables.

If possible, avoid products that do not contain gluten trade, whereas to overcome the lack thereof, are added larger amounts of fat, sugar and salt.

Whole wheat, rye and barley, contain a number of essential vitamins and minerals the body (eg B complex sites), therefore they must be replaced from other sources (salmon, red meat, vegetable).

A regime such arrangements should not be dull, but look for the most suitable options to replace products containing gluten:

  • – Instead of traditional pasta, rice noodles or pasta try corn or zucchini cut into thin strips like pasta and preparations with you;
  • – Gluten flour used for making desserts and sweets with fruit and bet as little dough;
  • – Instead of classic breaded schnitzels, use corn flakes, rice flour and Parmesan;
  • – Using rice flour and preparing puddings or cookies; Buckwheat flour is otherwise in a very healthy and convenient option;
  • – Wheat breakfast cereal can be successfully replaced with millet boiled milk and a little honey or portion of muffins with almond flour and dates;
  • – Lunch can be made up of a steak with polenta (corn bread can be a main dish, if you add in the composition mushrooms, cheese, vegetables etc.) or rice or green vegetables. A frittata with potatoes is a choice of hearty and tasty as.
  • – A vegetable soup or a salad with green vegetables and buckwheat are good options for dinner only.

Although nobody is glad to suffer from any medical condition, your gluten intolerance transformed into new opportunities to enjoy other foods as (or perhaps more) sound that until now have ignored them.

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