Going Gluten Free can cure Gluten Intolerance

Going Gluten Free can cure Gluten Intolerance

Gluten is like many other proteins, fats and sugars, important for proper functioning of the human body. On the other hand gluten is the one that gives more taste to prepared food from flour and make dough be more elastic.
But for some people  this simple protein can become an enemy. The only solution for these people is obvious going gluten free.

It is about those who have developed intolerance to gluten. Predisposition to this reaction from genetics and body is one, if not identified early, can lead to gastrointestinal cancer. Also, people who can not tolerate gluten and large deficiencies of calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins of group B.

Going Gluten Free is a necessity.

Most often this measure is not enough, prescribing physicians and certain medications. Some of them are supplements for physical and mental development does not suffer.
Gluten-free diet involves removing the daily meals of a wide enough great food. On this list are: bread and derivatives thereof, cakes, pies, candy, instant soups, cereals, beer, chips, vegetables in sauce (gluten used to thicken sauces such). Many of the products on the market contain gluten even though we did not expect this.
There are for example many salad dressings, ketchup or sweets such as chocolate which are composed of the protein. Before buying the food, it is necessary to check the packaging: label will contain the message: “This product does not contain gluten” or “this product contains gluten attention.”
The gluten-free diet allowed corn flour products such as pasta, biscuits, soy, corn, rice, eggs, all dairy products, meat, fish, unprocessed fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds in their natural state, beans. These latter products are recommended to be consumed naturally, avoiding the ones packed in them can be added either intentionally gluten, for taste or accidentally.
Help those who suffer from gluten intolerance, there were many brands / manufacturers who make available to consumers without gluten flour but also a range of other products (pasta and cakes). A number increasingly more people are diagnosed with this condition, given that the methods have advanced medical investigation. Unfortunately many of those diagnosed are children, gluten intolerance seriously affecting their physical development.

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