Why Gluten Cause Weight Gain

Gluten Cause Weight Gain

Gluten Cause Weight Gain, it’s the main culprit in obesity case. Obesity has become a major issue facing mankind today. Stress and erratic eating are some of the main causes that generate this phenomenon. Besides this, Brazilian researchers published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry a new study that indicates interesting discovery.

Gluten Cause Weight Gain worldwide.

The experiments were carried out on rats and those whose diet included gluten were developed incredibly fast and incredibly quickly gained weight. Both groups were fed with high fat, but only one was given a small amount of gluten. The results were amazing and so is said to gluten, a substance that researchers guilty of fattening the body.
“Consumption of products containing gluten, bread and cereals, endocrine and exocrine disrupt the processes that occur in the human body and the manner of functioning of genes. Thus the body is prone to gain weight, modifying the metabolism dramatically, “says Sayer Ji, one of the researchers.

Health experts recommend that for those who suffer from obesity or diabetes to eliminate the daily diet foods containing gluten, such as bread, pizza, couscous, pastries, biscuits, Easter, meat or fish cooked fried, sauces or soups also containing wheat and cereals are served for breakfast. Also, all the barley-based beverages and beer. I avoided and malt beverages. Gluten enter into the composition of a large number of dishes containing flour.

Although certain foods show no trace of gluten, some yogurt, tomato paste, frozen meats may contain traces of gluten vague.

Here is a list of foods “suspicious”.

  • non-alcoholic beer.
  • candy, caramel, chocolate.
  • French fries (contaminated from the oil they were cooked).
  • melted cheese.
  • vegetable fat.
  • Gum.
  • ketchup, mayonnaise, sauces commercially.
  • soups / broths with preservatives.
  • canned meat.
  • certain types of grain vinegar.
  • frozen yogurt.
  • some chips (different flavored may or may not contain gluten-  cheese flavored chips does contain gluten.)

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