How to go for a Gluten Free Week

Gluten free week

My Gluten free week! I’ve read lately about gluten and it seems that after sugar, it’s the biggest “evil” in our body.
For a long time I try to remove the bread from my diet, but not the best for eggs, eggplant salad, home-made pastries liver can not be eaten, in my mind, than bread, and therefore gluten.
Gluten is found in pastries, in pasta, even in ice cream products, so always have to be careful and read the labels.
It seems hard and convenience tells me that my diet is silly and “gluten free” is the new fashion.
Yet, I want to give up gluten.
If thereby i’ll get rid of dermatitis, if i’ll lose a few pounds, maybe I’ll feel better. I remember that when I started smoothie everybody laughs at me. Now everyone drink smoothie, I have a great immune system and perfect test results for years. So these smoothie proved a great investment in my body!

If only a Gluten Free Week will prove as good!

There are a lot of very tasty and healthy alternatives to keep you gluten free week and even more .
1. Coconut milk. Unfortunately most of the milk products containing added flour to give consistency. Not necessarily a problem, but for those who are intolerant to gluten best solution remains coconut milk. Subtle flavor and silky texture makes it ideal coconut milk to risotto, muffins, pasta sauces, soups or as a substitute for buttermilk, writes yahoo shine.
2. Buckwheat flour and gluten does not have the same properties as wheat flour, creams and sauces. RIPE has a fine flavor chocolate.
3. Chia flour. South America native plant contain omega 3 and is an excellent source of fiber. It is perfect to replace wheat bread and oatmeal. Mixed with water becomes gelatinous, with a structure that mimics the elasticity of gluten such as chia flour dough is perfect.
4. Tapioca has no gluten. It is perfect in less dense doughs and sauces and creams.
5. Millet flour has its own sweetness that makes it ideal for sweets coking. Combine well with brown rice flour or almond.
6. Peanut flour is excellent for fine taste and special preparations that you give sweet bread including muffins, biscuits and cookies.
So for more than a week I said “goodbye gluten”, but not bread.

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