Living a Wheat Free Diet

Living a Wheat Free Diet

Don’t worry, life without bread is possible. Most often received advice to those who want to lose weight is: “Give up bread!” It’s more than a seed of truth here: apart from yeast “sin” you bloat, and wheat or rye can be a problem : contains gluten! Gluten prevent nutrients absorption from food in the intestines. If the individual does not begin a wheat free diet, gluten may cause inflammation in the small intestine, called celiac disease.

A wheat free diet will help you lose weight.

There are people who can not metabolize fat eating animal protein and meat. Others problem with the metabolism of carbohydrates – and sweets are the “death” of their look. The same happens in case of intolerance to gluten: the protein complex of wheat, rye, barley, oats (usually, is grown near cornfields and may contaminate) can not be metabolized and the body perceives this as aggression. Therefore, it makes deposits of fat despite eating habits you’re trying to io provide. And so you gain weight without knowing why.

After all, what we eat?

Depending on the degree of intolerance to gluten, you have to give up bread and other products of concern for all, for months or can adopt a diet cyclical: in intolerance weak to gluten, you are allowed to eat foods with this protein once five days, as this is the range in which the body’s immunological memory is lost in this case.

Here are some tips for a easier Wheat Free Diet:

  • You do not have to give up spaghetti bolognese, but only to replace wheat flour pasta with the Chinese, made from rice flour. They are just as tasty and easier to handle!
  • Eggplant salad or cream cheese on slices can stretch them rice, a perfect replacement of slices of bread.
    If you like bread that much, invest in a baking device. Use gluten-free flour and coca as a binder for starch (both found in supermarkets) and you get bread as good as that of the store.
  • You’re not allowed beer, because, usually made from barley malt. Skip the red wine – a glass of 125 ml per day is ideal amount. The wine contains antioxidants and stimulates fat burning when consumed properly.
    Basically, it trades freely and chocolate, but in this case must be very careful to label! And if popular brands of chocolate, its processing takes place on the same production lines as processing flour desserts. As a result, there is often mention “may contain traces of gluten” on the label of an ordinary milk chocolate. So on this must-avoid.
  • Farewell cakes, tarts, pies and any dessert made from flour. But welcome flan, cheesecake, marshmallows, rice pudding, jelly and chocolate house.
  • You finished with pies, unfortunately. Their crust contains wheat flour. Next time you’re craving chicken nuggets, think that any kind of meat grilled or baked is much healthier. Even the pork.

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