Mouth sores can be Gluten Intolerance sign

Mouth sores can be Gluten Intolerance sign

Mouth sores always upset you? You have escaped than one, and woke up with another? The frequency of thoughts you put on? Well, you have every reason to worry! Researchers at Tehran University of Medical Sciences say that these are the characteristics of a disease caused by gluten sensitivity, gluten enteropathy or celiac disease. Mouth sores can be Gluten Intolerance sign.

What is celiac disease?

This is an autoimmune disorder that affects the small intestine and is caused by intolerance to gluten. Gluten ingestion of food causes damage to the small intestine, which disrupt the normal absorption of nutrients from food, especially calcium, iron, folate and fats.

Gluten is a vegetable protein, which is found in wheat, barley, rye and oats. After research, scientists have concluded that the Iranian aphthous stomatitis may sometimes be the only manifestation of gluten intolerance.

Canker sores are ulcers that occur in the mouth, painful, shows white or yellowish deposits and are surrounded by a red zone. They tend to relapse, especially during times of stress and are associated with viral infections and food allergies.

Mouth sores can be Gluten Intolerance sign. When should you worry?

Experts say that gluten enteropathy discrimination happens when you oral lesions appear at least three times a year. In addition, oral lesions do not heal after medical treatments (corticosteroids, tetracycline or colchicine).

These however are not the only clues that confirm the presence of disease, and blood tests are necessary. Check other 7 signs that you have gluten intolerance.

Statistics show that the disease occurs mainly in young people around the age of 27 and does not act on a longer period of 4.5 years. They are advised to completely eliminate gluten from the diet.

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