Should I Go Gluten Free?

Should i go Gluten Free

If you ask yourself Should I Go Gluten Free? Consider reading this article. Gluten free diet is diet that has been developed for those individuals that are suffering from celiac disease. Those people that have this problem are gluten intolerant and cannot consume gluten foods without going through health problems. These days more and more individuals are beginning to find out that they have celiac disease. This is mainly due to the fact that most of the foods that are sold in the market and the grocery stores contain a lot of gluten in them. The natural foods that we purchase do not have gluten in them; it is usually the processed foods that contain it. The gluten in added to the foods for many reasons such as to enhance the flavor and appearance of the item. If you avoid eating foods such as breads, rye, pasta, barley and other types of grain you will still be consuming a lot of gluten in other foods without even knowing it.

Should I Go Gluten Free?

If you believe that you are gluten intolerant, then the first thing for you to do is go to your doctor and explain to them the symptoms that you are facing. You can also do some experimentation and see if you are experiencing some symptoms. This can really help you out and save a lot of money on getting treatment and medications. Once you find out that a particular food is causing you pain and irritation then the wise thing for you to do is to totally eliminate it from your diet. If you do not do so then the gluten will continue to cause damage to your intestine and even lead to bowel cancer which is highly dangerous.

What Foods Should I avoid?

Those people that have allergies to gluten should definitely eliminate wheat from their diet. Other things that they should stay away from are cakes, bread, cookies, pastas, cereals, potato chips, candies etc. Eating oats is a bit of a controversial issue because they are grown near wheat fields, which can result in cross contamination. This is why the people should stick to those foods that are labeled “Gluten free”

Removing the gluten containing foods from your diet can cause you to experience some withdrawal symptoms at first. This is usually due to fact that gluten contains proteins that are like endorphins which allow your body to feel relaxed. These withdrawals can cause you to have intense cravings for particular foods that contain gluten in them. After the first week of being gluten free your body will start to heal and you will feel a lot better. Changing to a gluten free diet is a big leap and will require a lot of dedication. If you want to live a long and healthy life then it is about time that you change your lifestyle. There are numerous products that are available in the market that are labeled gluten free and you should definitely consider purchasing them and using them so that you can stay safe and eat what you like.

Consider checking all gluten intolerance symptoms to answer you question “Should i go Gluten Free?”

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