So, What Is Gluten-Free, Anyway?

What Is Gluten-Free

Gluten-Free diet History. Gluten-Free diet is a diet recommended for people allergic to gluten – the protein in some cereals such as wheat. The diet that excludes gluten dates back to antiquity and was created by the Greek physician Aretaeus of Capadoccia in 250 AD. In 1888 Samuel Gee doctor started a therapy for people suffering from gluten intolerance. In fact the link between protein wheat gluten and unpleasant symptoms in some individuals was identified by Dr. Willem Karel Dicke Netherlands. Only in 1954 was there a diet official confirmed to treat intolerance to gluten. Easy, easy time gluten-free diet has gained popularity. Celiac disease or gluten insufficiency is a condition quite common nowadays. In the United States there is a case of celiac disease to 150 people. So here is the need to impose a diet that excludes foods that promotes allergy.

Gluten-Free diet PRINCIPLES.

There are people whose body have a special sensitivity to the protein gluten in some grains. The body rejects and gives the unpleasant symptoms of. This is the state of intolerance to gluten.

Foods that favors gluten intolerance are wheat, rye, barley and their byproducts. And if the oats are affected by cross-contamination and this may have gluten.

The immune system in people with gluten intolerance is practically in danger. The intestine easily suffer unpleasant symptoms and absorption of calcium, iron, folic acid salt and suffer. The diet that excludes gluten promotes the absorption of these important nutrients the body. But apart from some cereal gluten, and all sorts of dishes prepared from cereals. To follow a gluten-free diet must read food labels.

Pros and cons.

Diet is beneficial in controlling intolerance to gluten. The market is replete with gluten-free , so you have where to choose. Unfortunately these are expensive gluten-free and is an impediment for many people. In addition, many dishes are wheat, reading labels mandatory.

Recommended Foods when you are gluten-free : You can eat amaranth, buckwheat, corn bran, cornmeal, flax, bean flour, tapioca etc.

Prohibited foods: It is not permitted to eat wheat, barley, beer, malt, yeast, rye bread rye etc.

Gluten-Free diet – who it’s for?

Diet addresses all persons who want a change in their lives. Diet is the best solution for the prevention and treatment of unpleasant symptoms caused by gluten intolerance in susceptible individuals. Celiac disease can not be overlooked, and changes in diet are needed.

There are people who follow this diet without gluten sensitivity, but believes that changes in their lives are auspicious, so adopting a diet without gluten can be a personal choice not only a recommendation of the treating physician.

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