5 Secrets for delicious gluten free cakes

5 Secrets for delicious gluten free cakes

Without gluten means, firstly, no white flour, but that does not mean cookies, cupcakes and other sweets should be devoid of form, texture and taste. Find out the tricks by which you get the same results as when using wheat flour, but are absolutely gluten free cakes.

5 Secrets for delicious gluten free cakes.

Gluten free diet are a way of life for those who have found that this protein intolerance, which usually found in grains. Most times it does not mean you have to give the preparations of flour, bread, crackers, sweets and other goodies. You can prepare other types of flour, adding other tricks that make them so tasty.

1. First, to get rid of doughs countries, mixing beats or more dough to aerate them and to increase the volume when you bake. This is necessary because the flour you are allowed to use gluten missing.

2. Secondly, use a mixture of several types of flour Allowed: millet, buckwheat, chickpea, amaranth flour from almonds, hazelnuts and other seed oil to get the tastiest dishes.

3. In order not to get wet ingredinete uses dry cakes suitable and quality. One is apple sauce or puree. It can be the bought ready, but be sure to use less sugar because it is sweet. Apples contain pectin, and this will help to bind the ingredients. You can also use butter or oil, both with the same goal, which is to bind better to get the ingredients dry tops, muffins or cakes fluffy and moist with a texture.

4. Use multiple eggs instead of liquid indicated in the recipe. The eggs are essential for protein add volume and doughs. Instead of 100ml water or other liquid that uses the same amount of egg whites or whole eggs.

5. Mix all the ingredients in one bowl. I mean, you have to mix and dry the ingredients (flour, spices, sugar, baking powder) all wet ingredients (eggs, milk, applesauce, butter or oil) at the same time. Thus, you get a lighter and more delicate dough. Make sure you have all the ingredients at room temperature and use a blender or a food processor to mix vigorously to incorporate more air, which will help ripe to act and give volume.

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