Vegetarianism, Veganism and Celiac Disease

Vegetarianism, Veganism and Celiac Disease

Erica Kusenick, West Virginia of American state was recently diagnosed with celiac disease, a unwellness that prohibits the consumption of gluten, a supermolecule found in grains like wheat, rye and barley. heath will not eat such common yank staples like bread, pizza, pasta, cake or brew. uncalled-for to mention her diet is significantly restricted because of her unwellness. So, what can be worse?

How regarding conjointly abstaining from overwhelming any animal product what thus ever?

Erica is one in all a growing range of individuals World Health Organization square measure being diagnosed with celiac disease however World Health Organization conjointly face another drawback, having another dietary restriction like veganism or diet. Vegetarians, those that do not eat meat-but still eat farm product, and vegans, those that do not consume any animal product in the least, face a true challenge once it involves living with celiac disease.

“Eating out may be a massive challenge, we’ve got to travel to chiefly Mexican restaurants wherever lots of the dishes square measure unremarkably safe (gluten-free) since everything is created from corn for the foremost part” heath says, “It undoubtedly helps that lots of dishes are vegetarian or at the terribly least eater.” fortuitously there is not any shortage of Mexican restaurants in Erica’s town in American state and he or she says that traveling to new restaurants has become a good issue to set up weekends around.

As you’ll have guessed, being a eater or vegetarian with celiac disease places you in an exceedingly tiny minority of individuals, however due to new sites like, a web community completely for vegetarians and vegans with celiac disease, resources square measure shooting up for individuals during this demographic. “I assume it’s very vital that this web site exists to inform you the reality. it’d be a shame for individuals to drop their eater or vegetarian diet once being diagnosed with celiac disease. that is a part of the rationale I created Vegiac”, the site’s creator aforesaid in AN e-mail. “Vegiac” may be a term describing somebody World Health Organization is either a eater or vegetarian and conjointly a celiac disease sufferer.

As someone living on a celiac disease diet and ingesting no gluten, thankfully, lots of the product on the market that square measure gluten free {are also|also square measure|are} eater and a few are even vegetarian. There square measure lines of frozen pizzas, breads and desserts that square measure each gluten-free and eater or vegetarian friendly. Brands like Amy’s, World Health Organization provide frozen gluten-free and eater or vegetarian food product square measure a favourite among “vegiacs”.

Regardless of the troublesome diet and making an attempt to observe what they eat individuals with celiac disease World Health Organization square measure eater or vegetarian, or “vegiacs” rather, square measure growing and victimisation the net to act, communicate, share recipes and provide support to at least one another. The administrator of World Health Organization wanted solely to travel by his member name, edgeyveggie, says “I bet by 2012 you will see a large range of individuals World Health Organization square measure either eater or vegetarian with celiac disease. It’s changing into a lot of and a lot of common daily.”

Let’s hope for his site’s sake he is right, and for eater or vegetarian bread lovers all over that he is wrong.

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  1. Janet Macdonald

    Eating Mexican allows such people to find something to eat, but what about protein. How can such a diet not be deficient in protein?

    1. jess

      Grains such as quinoa add tons of protein as well as nuts, lentils, beans etc.

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