Where Can I Find Gluten Free Beer?

Where Can I Find Gluten Free Beer?

In the beer market is growing demand for Gluten Free Beer. More and more Gluten Free Beer options appears on the market. Any person who refuses to gluten, whether by choice or for medical reasons, will inevitably feel regret saying goodbye to bread, pasta and pastries. But for some people it may be the most challenging refusal of beer. This is especially true in the United States during the Super Bowl, when the beer is an integral part of the traditional evening entertainment. Therefore, one should not underestimate the efforts of some brewers to create gluten free versions of beer, which would be delicious and would meet the requirements of consumers.

Brewers join the ranks of other manufacturers of food and drinks – to market products without gluten, which is now estimated at 4.2 billion US dollars. That’s because the number of people with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity continues to grow. Despite the fact that many people who consume beer gluten free, complain of meager assortment and quality of the drink, the demand for such products is still growing. If in 2007 at The Great American Festival in the new category – gluten free beer – was presented to a total of eight titles drink in the past year on the same festival, the figure rose to 20.

When the librarian Abby Potter (Abbey Potter), working in the Library of Congress, I heard that some brewers are now producing quality beer without gluten, she exclaimed: “God bless them!”. Celiac disease was diagnosed in her five years ago. During college in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Potter became a connoisseur of this craft-beer. Over time, she even began to practice home brewing. Now bought for this equipment is idle.

Abbie Potter, a librarian at the Library of Congress.

The author of this article on a website, NPR Chapelle Bill Abby asked to take part in the tasting gluten free beer. And if he doubted Chapelle as beer, which they were to try, then Abby was more optimistic, because, according to her, she had already tried the product with the taste of “real” beer.

Most brewers use one of two strategies for the production of gluten free beer. Some avoid crops such as wheat, barley and rye, replacing them with sorghum, rice or fruit. Others brewed beer using barley and gluten is then removed from the finished product. Many beer drinkers who are highly sensitive to gluten, yet are afraid to drink a beer. But, according to Abby, she had a beer with problems never arise.

Some of the author options tasted beers are widely available to consumers, some are produced in limited quantities, most often seasonal products.

  • gluten free beer new planet
    gluten free beer new planet

    Pale Ale New Planet (5% alcohol content)

This beer is produced at the brewery, whose owner suffers from gluten intolerance. There malted grain extract is replaced with sorghum and brown rice. Like a traditional pale ale, this product is different flower bitterness, which is found in Kraft beer. “It is slightly bitter, and it’s nice,” – says Abby.

  • El Dogfish Head Tweason’Ale (6% alcohol content)

In addition to the hops are used strawberries and sorghum. This refreshing beer has a bitter-sweet taste, reminiscent of the Belgian beer. Berries make beer taste rich, without interrupting its flavor. “It smells like a beer – says Abby, this drink is perfect for me during a picnic or at a baseball game, where I am now I will not feel like an outcast. I think this is a good beer. In addition, it is not so much saturated with carbon dioxide as a real beer. ”

  • Pale Ale Omission (alcohol content 5.8%).

Omission Beer is produced by Craft Brew Alliance, which produces Wilmer Brothers and other intoxicating beer. To reduce the gluten content brewer uses barley low protein content and adds an enzyme called Clare Brewers, which destroys gluten. At the same time the final product turns out not 100% gluten-free, and Abby felt it after its use. However, she praised its taste and aroma, “To taste it reminds me real beer. It is intoxicating, making it difficult to achieve when cooking gluten free beer. ”


gluten free beer
gluten free beer
  • Pale Ale Green’s ‘Quest’ Triple Blonde Ale (8.5% alcohol content).

This Belgian beer gives a magnificent and rich foam. Hops and relatively high alcohol content help to avoid sweets and watery, which are often characterized by different varieties of beer without gluten. This drink is made with millet, buckwheat and rice. A full taste of beer Quest is even more complex because of the Belgian yeast. “There is something there, – said Abby. – It looks like a beer Kraft such as opaque. It has a pleasant bitter taste. It looks like a beer with orange and coriander. ”

Gluten free beer options are  seriously succeeded in 2007, when two beers on the basis of sorghum (Red Bridge and New Grist from Lakefront Brewing) occupied the first two places in the category of gluten free beer in the Great American Beer Festival. Since then, the winner is the Gluten-Free Lemon Pale by the company Strange Brewing Co., Celia Pale Ale from the Alchemist. A special sale of enzymes and recommendations for the preparation of gluten free beer, which can be found on the Internet, means that beer drinkers with intolerance to gluten can experiment with their own recipes at home breweries.

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